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About Us

TBJR Entertainment, Inc. started more than a decade ago after our owner lost his father. During this hard time, the artist found that he could express himself through music. It helped him begin to redirect his pain in a positive way. Day in and day out he wrote music. He composed songs and recorded them under a local record label in Tampa, Florida, for four years.

After graduating high school, he created TBJR Entertainment with his mother. Spelled out, it stands for Tommy Burley Jr., a derivative of his father's name. Currently, S. Burley is the only artist on their label currently at this time.

He has performed at the University of North Florida and has done many other shows over the years.

Future Goals

Our goal is to be well known globally. As musicians, we'd like to periodically release albums, singles, videos, and video blogs to keep our fans updated.

A Family Brand

We're building our record label around family, love, peace, and happiness. We're trying to help the world be a better place with great music content. Our artists are business minded and our brand is inspirational.